Shock absorbing frame gives real-ski feeling!

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    Finally something new is happening in the roller skiing market!


    FF Classic and FF Skate have been tested and developed by top runners and professional environments for a long time. It emphasizes the good ski feeling, response and stability of the skis, especially in diagonal walking. This comes from our newly developed V-track wheel, which gives the feeling of having the ski track with you on the tarmac.


    Our innovative and unique damper system significantly reduces vibration without losing power in the future.

    FF Rollerskis as is the company that has developed the FF roller ski products.


    FF Classic rollerski inc. binding


    FF Skate rollerskis inc binding


    FF Rollerskis as is a company that specializes in the development and sale of roller skis and wheels.

    We have a unique concept where through technology and development we have managed to create a whole new roller ski.

    All our products are handmade to give you as the customer the best experience.

    The roller skis are called FF Classic and FF Skate


    Read more about the products here

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