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I am a 50 year cross-country sports enthusiast. Went actively as a kid but gave me as a 16 year old. 20 years ago I was lighted on a long run and started again with active ski training. Since there have been many races at home and abroad, tend to participate in long-distance running / walking races about 10 times each season. Roller skis have each played an important part of training for the last 15 years. As a rule, there are three roller skating sessions every week, from late May to October. I have worn many pairs of wheels and switched between all available brands. In recent years I have used Swenor, IDT and Marwe. All good skiing, but without much resemblance to skiing on snow. The diagonal movements are often characterized by "support rod" and stiff bones after a short period, probably due to unnecessary muscle use to stabilize. Many times I have been slow to myself; "You're really bad at skiing, or at least all night on balance". I took hold and started with strength, especially my stomach and back, it didn't help much. Every year a few small tricks to maybe feel a little better.


The ad I read about FF Rollerskis this summer sparked new hope. I ordered a classic pair and got them in the mail after two days. Straight out to test. I smiled. I felt good. I got a really good feeling. I could go completely relaxed. I only wore shorts but thought it was winter. It was simply lovely. All movements are now moving in the right direction, no "support bar" and this throw. The training feels more correct, technically. It thus becomes easy to get on the "scroll" for the time being. One thing is to just stand there, it works after all, and it has largely been the technique used in recent years. But you the world so much more inspiring it is to be able to use "four-wheel drive" in reverse bins and in addition get it. After all, this is the natural way to climb hills. I recommend to all exercisers who want to use the summer months to get the feel without white underlay a couple of classic FF Rollerskis. The ski association says: "There are no tracks".

I say: FF Rollerskis sets tracks, for you!


Mvh, Carl Arthur


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OUR Ambassadors

Didrik Tønseth

Didrik Tønseth signs with FF Rollerskis: -)


It's the best roller skis I've tried

FF Rollerskis is investing heavily in revolutionizing the roller skis segment in the world. Now the company has got (former) national team player Didrik Tønseth on the team.

- Through a long career as a top athlete and as part of the Norwegian national team I have tested everything that is roller skating on the market. I have tested FF Rollerskis two new products FF Skate and FF Classic for several months, and they have developed the best roller skis I have ever tried, says Tønseth.

- The skis are undoubtedly better for me on skis and I can recommend them to top athletes, exercisers and beginners.

- FF Classic is an incredibly easy ski to learn diagonally, with more skill than any other roller ski. It is more directional stable due to the unique V-track wheel. The wheel gives the feeling of having the ski track out on the tarmac. I can only say that the skis must be tried. Read on cross


See Didrik Tønseth in slow motion on FF Classic roller skis, click here

Kari Øyre Slind

FF rollerski is a new and exciting product, which I wanted to test out. Among many brands in the field, they stand out with innovative technology to make roller skiing even more ski-specific. With a delicious bounce in the classic skis you get a completely different response. There will be more life in the kickoff, and more playful walking - as well as having extreme stability.

The skates are of very good quality. Stable and good to walk on. You also get these with wet wheels, so you don't have to worry about hard drives, high speed, speed or general traffic - on wet conditions.

Eirik Mysen

The first time I tested the classic skis I got an aha experience. Felt like walking in a ski track! And the failure of the ski was also lovely, suddenly became more gentle for the legs to walk on.

Once you go you know!


Eirik Mysen explains how FF Classic roller skates work, click here

Anna Ulvensøen 

Anna has for many years been one of Norway's best athletes, both junior and senior. Last season she took two golds and one silver medal during the NM and she won the Norwegian Cup. Internationally, she took four gold medals in the Student World Cup and received several top places in the World Cup

FF roller skis are incredibly good and I thought they answer a lot more than previous roller skis I've tried. It is incredibly comfortable to go roller skating that rolls straight forward just like skiing. They make it even more fun to go rollerblading and I look forward to every session!
Greetings Anna Ulvensøen, ski orientation runner.

Julie Waltenberg

Now I have been able to test the roller skis, both classic and skating. Am very pleased and believe these are the best skis I have tested.
Classic: very directional, so it's easy to walk diagonally. In addition, the low weight is comfortable.
Skating: Very good ski feeling, feel that you are stuck with the ground and can only work on!
All in all, very good skiing!

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In 2019 FF Rollerskis sponsored as 400 children and junior runners with FF Skate Junior and FF Skate Senior.


Roller skis and FF Rollerskis as

We have entered into an agreement with FF Rollerskis as sponsoring us for Oslo Rulleskicup. In addition, we get 60 pairs of roller skis for free for club use. We have made our own LYN SKI design on the skis. There will also be the opportunity for sales, via FF web shop , for anyone who wants. From Lyn ski's website in 2019:

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