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The story of FF Rollerskis as started 5 years ago at Gaustablikk, when I discovered a couple of old skating skis from Atomic that were standing up the cabin wall.
I got curious so I strained them on me, pink and white skis and bright yellow boots, and threw myself into the race. It ended with a full flap and I fell completely in love!
This new passion I took with me down the mountain and out onto the tarmac. With my new roller skates, the road was ahead of me. Top quality carbon roller skates.
Still, it would not take long before I felt a pain in my knee after a training session and I immediately felt that it had something to do with the reproduction from the ground. The roller skis were too stiff, they lacked the flexibility you get when snowing.

This was the first thought, the seed that made me travel the land and beach, to search for the perfect roller skate, roller skate with flex. The next thing I now discovered was that this roller skis didn't exist! And what could be better than making it yourself?

Floating Fork Rollerskis is born. (roller skate with cushioning)


FF Rollerskis as is a company that specializes in new technology and the development of roller skis. We still have the customer and the good ski feeling in focus. We are forward-looking and have a strong focus on functionality and sustainability. We are developing, what we believe, the future are roller skating solutions. Innovation is moving boundaries and using insights to make changes along the way.

We are challenging an already established homogeneous market with new technology and another "mindset".

Most importantly, we always have the customer / user in focus.

We produce and sell FF Classic , FF Skate and standard skis.
In addition, we are the market leader in the sale of roller skates. With us you always get the best price. Check out our selection here.



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