In our opinion, Hightech FF Rollerskis is the world's best roller skis for both classic and skating. Skia is called FF Classic and FF Skate.


A bit technical:

On our classic roller skis, we have developed the groundbreaking V-track wheel that helps provide contact with the tarmac that imitates the feeling of walking in the ski track.
The V-track wheel will increase your training output, both in diagonal walking and strike. This wheel, with its simple yet unique features, is the latest and most exciting find in the roller ski market right now.


Roller ski wheels are constantly subject to friction which creates high temperatures when used. FF Rollerskis has solved this challenge by offering rim.
The feature of the rim is to constantly reduce the temperature of the tire by means of ventilation. This in itself extends the life of the wheel considerably beyond today's standard, in addition, maintaining the wheel's performance level over time.


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In our classic and skate-ski lies a vulcanization technology,

that is, the frame of the ski and the fork holding the wheel does not have metallic contact.

This gives a patented rubber cushion that is completely unique. This creates a dynamic flexibility in use and offers a cushioning that can help increase muscular endurance and reduce joint wear.



Our vision:



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